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BOUNCE Lands in Abu Dhabi!

By July 27, 2016Abu Dhabi, Home, News

The anticipation has been building for months and now finally BOUNCE, the trampoline revolution has opened the doors to its EPIC new venue in Abu Dhabi.

The AWESOME new trampoline warehouse, which is packed full of amazing adrenaline fuelled features, opened to eager fans and adrenaline junkies, this week.

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Fun Facts BOUNCE Abu Dhabi!

  • To get you AIRBORNE we have installed over 100 trampolines with 12,000 Springs
  • We are the 1st with The AWESOME Super Tramp a trampoline that is 4 X the size of our standard matts.
  • If you BOUNCE on all the trampolines in the venue, you’ll have BOUNCED over 1.5km!
  • We’ve installed an EPIC indoor Zip Line ‘Zip’ where you can reach speeds of over 30kmph
  • Our Quick Drop gives the feeling of true freefall, an 18m leap of faith through the ground floor into the depths of the lower basement.
  • A flip on the Super Tramp can generate a force of over 14G, that’s fighter jet territory!
  • Our Infinity wall is a 5.5m see-through MONSTER, for aspiring Wallrunners, that’s the height of a house!
  • Our slide is like no other, it has an awe inspiring 70 degree drop, is over 40m in length and spans 4 building stories!
  • The Airbags each pump through over 6,000 cubic meters of air per hour, keeping you landing safe and soft
  • 10 minutes of jumping on a Trampoline is the equivalent of running for 33 minutes, and that’s according to the boffins at NASA
  • At BOUNCE Abu Dhabi we have installed over 400 Tons of Steel, all held together with 3 Tons of welds!
  • To keep you safe we’ve installed 3 shipping containers full of padding, that’s over 1km of padding if you put it all in a straight line!
  • We want to keep the Cool Kids ‘Cool’, we have insulation over 1m thick on the roof at BOUNCE.

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