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gift of freestyle

BOUNCE is holding a Flash Sale on Multi-Visit Passes, buy online or in the venue.This time we are doing something really special.  With every purchase, you get a Freestyle scratch card, where everyone wins!​

so what’s this gift of freestyle?

So it’s like your Multi-Visit Pass but wrap in a canister or box to look like a gift with other stuff inside plus a chance to win freestyle equipment and other freebies. Please check below for the items included to your GOF.


  • A Multi-Visit Pass, where you can choose from full day access, 5, 10 or 20 hour packages
  • A BOUNCE Freestyle scratch card where everyone wins something, will you be lucky enough to win a BMX?
  • Skills card with heaps of tricks for you to master
  • BOUNCE grip socks
  • All wrapped up in a canister or box, perfect for you or giving to that special someone

HOW DO you win?

So every time you buy a Gift of Freestyle you’ll get a scratch card. Obviously, you scratch it then you’ll see the prize you’ve won. And yes! everybody gets a prize. Please check below for the list of Awesome Freestyle Prizes you can win.

awesome freestyle prizes!









and much much more!


Gift of Freestyle prices



  1. Gift of Freestyle vouchers are valid for General AdmissionBounce-fit, and Junior Jumper tickets. General Admission is for jumpers over 110cm in height. A Junior Jumper is anyone who is above the age of 3 and under 110cm in height. Please check the availability of BOUNCE FIT classes HERE!

  2. Gift of Freestyle vouchers are validity depends on the pass: 1-day Pass & 5 Pass are valid for 3 months, 10 Pass is valid for 6 months, and 20 Pass is valid for 1 year.

  3. You can book by calling 04 321 1400 or directly use it on the venue of purchased.

  4. •A BOUNCE Freestyle scratch card where you can get a chance to win the awesome prizes!
    •The skill card that will tell you the freestyle tricks you need to learn!
    •The only socks that make you FLY!
    •Multi-visit Pass to BOUNCE which includes Healthy, Active, Social and Fun Experience!
    •And a canister that wraps it all!

  5. You can  purchase it online or head down to your nearest venue.

  6. You can only use it in the venue of purchase.

  7. Yes, you’ll need to bring your voucher with you to validate your booking.

The “Gift of Freestyle Pass – Scratch and Win Promotion” Terms and Conditions:

A – General Promotion Terms

  1. This promotion is valid from 18th of November 2018 and ends on the 31st of December 2018 (the “Term”)
  2. This promotion is only valid for customers at Bounce Venues and Online store across the UAE (the “Venues”)
  3. This promotion is not available to any customers who are considered as wholesalers.
  4. This promotion is not available to any employees of Bounce Sports Club LLC.
  5. Bounce Sports Club L.L.C. shall not be liable to you if you suffer any financial loss or damage from our refusal to allow you to take part in the promotion or our withdrawal of the promotion or any failure or inability by you to use the promotion for any reason.
  6. These terms and any disputes or claims arising out of, or in connection with, its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) are governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the United Arab Emirates.

B – Promotion deal – Scratch and Win!

  1. This promotion is only applicable to customers who purchase a “Gift of Freestyle Pass” during the Term of the promotion.
  2. Customers will receive a “Scratch and Win” coupon for each “Gift of Freestyle Pass” purchased during the Term of the promotion.
  3. The customer will receive their “Scratch and Win” coupons at the point of sale (for in venue purchase) or on delivery to registered address (for online purchases) along with the “Gift of Freestyle Pass”.
  4. The customer shall hand over the winning coupon at the Reception of the venue where the purchase was made (for in-venue purchases) or the nominated venue (for online purchases), to be exchanged for the prize. For online purchases, please contact the Bounce Contact Center on 04 321 1400 to arrange prize collection.
  5. The customer must provide a valid United Arab Emirates ID or Passport for tourists and sign a receipt form in order to receive the prize.
  6. The customer may be requested, upon their written consent, to participate in “winners” photo shoot for the digital and printed winners’ announcement.
  7. The “Scratch and Win” promotion expires on 31st December 2018. Customers with Winning coupons must claim their prize by 14th January 2019 at the latest. No prizes may be claimed after 14th January 2019.