What are the program’s?


Beginner is a 8 week program, with 1 hour per week session time. The objective is to learn basic jumping skills to prepare for more advanced tricks in a safe and controlled way. The beginner class WILL teach you,

  • Basic Jumping Skills
  • Seat Drop
  • Back Drop
  • Basic Flip techniques


Intermediate is an 8 week program, based on 3 hours per week session times, it has a smaller group size, with 4 people. Each session will be 1.5 hrs, 1 hour jumping and 30 mins strength and conditioning. In this program you will learn more advanced techniques such as wall running, flips, twists and combinations. The intermediate class WILL teach you,

  • Front Flip
  • Back Flip
  • ¾ back and front flips
  • Wall running
  • Pikes, straights
  • Combinations


Advanced program will be tailored to individual skill levels. The head coach will push you as far as he thinks you can go. The program will be a 10 week program, with 3 hours session time per week. Each session will be 1.5 hrs, 1 hour jumping and 30 mins strength and conditioning.


Platinum program is completely customized. The focus is on one-on-one training, the Head Coach will guide you to do the tricks you’ve always dreamed about.


Parkour is an 8 weeks program, with 1 hour per week session time. The objective is to learn jumping and landings skills, rolling, different ways to go over obstacles, vaults and much more.


Trampoline and Gymnastics Coaching Programs at FLIGHT ACADEMY are based on group learning with structured objectives. Our classes are smaller, with a maximum Group size of 8 to make sure you have special attention of our Head Coach Cris for quick learning. We want you to learn to do all the tricks you want in a safe and controlled way. Groups are not based on age but on ability,

  • Beginner: Groups of 8
  • Intermediate: Groups of 4
  • Advanced: Groups of 2
  • Platinum: Exclusive 1-on-1 coaching
  • Parkour: Groups of 8
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We would love to cater for everyone, however for safety reasons all participants are required to meet a minimum height requirement of 125cm.

Classes vary in size to give you the most personal attention and are specially structured to enable maximum learning in a safe and controlled way.

Bookings OPEN for 2018 – Term 1 starting on 21st January!

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OR for more information please call 04 3211 400 or email info@bounce.ae