This is BOUNCE’s main stage – around fifty interconnected trampolines incorporating a series of longer tumble tracks and angled banked walls brought together to give you an AWESOME free jumping experience. String together jumping lines as you leap from tramp to tramp and rebound off the corners. Work on your own routine or just go wild around the oversized playground. It’s like parkour made easy.

The Free-Jumping arena has around 50 interconnected trampolines – this space is used for those who want to just bounce around from tramp to tramp or even just on the one matt. Jump on the rhythm of the house music played in the venue or pull off an AWESOME dunk in the free jumping arena.

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  • Make sure that you are the only one on the trampoline. No two person are allowed on the trampoline.
  • Don’t run in the free jumping area.
  • Watch out for other free jumpers.
  • Don’t enter into the miniBOUNCERS area.
  • Do not attempt any trick or move that is beyond your skill level.
  • Always land on your hips or two feet to avoid any injury.