Like seriously – Why Choose BOUNCE Flight Academy? Here is why:

  • BOUNCE is the Best Indoor Sport And Recreation Facility in the entire Gulf region!
  • Cris is the most AWESOME coach in the region!  A 5 time Spanish national trampoline and tumbling  champion.
  • Our classes are smaller, with a maximum Group size of 8 for beginner, 4 for intermediate and 2 for advanced.
  • We will commit to learning objectives.  When we say you will run the wall, you WILL run the wall.
  • Children and adults can learn together, classes are Split by ability not age. So ideal for families and friends.
  • At FLIGHT ACADEMY we also offer a 1-on-1 Platinum coaching package.


  • Our classes are smaller, with a maximum Group size of 2 so you can get the needed focus.
  • BOUNCE is the only trampoline park in region with “THE WALL”.
  • Coaches commit to the learning objectives, so you literally learn to RUN THE WALL!

With only eight people in a class at basic level, four in intermediate sessions and two in advanced classes, you really get the attention you deserve, with one-on-one Platinum classes also available, for those who want to get seriously slick.

Beginner sessions will be one-hour and they will be focused on learning to jump in a safe and controlled way, with intermediate and advanced being 1hr 30 mins to allow 30mins extra for conditioning work to strengthen the core and abs, in the intermediate program, you’ll learn wall running and flips.

The advanced class will also involve advanced flips, combinations and advanced wall running, these techniques are focused on individual capabilities, tailored to skill level.

This is why you should BOUNCE!

Bookings OPEN for 2018 – Term 2 starting on 21st January!

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OR for more information please call 04 3211 400 or email info@bounce.ae