LEt’s keep progressing

( For ages 4-6 years old )

BOUNCE Squad is a developmental movement program that focuses on basic skill development. It has been developed to provide a bridge between Mini BOUNCE and our other programs. It provides the next generation of freestylers with a great head start in developing social, emotional and fundamental skills with the perfect program for kids starting school. 

This program teaches fundamental movement skills, establishing a key foundation that will be built on in the early years of school. Participants learn important physical skills with an equal emphasis on socializing, working with others and relevant aspects of physical literacy. 


In structured one-hour classes, BOUNCE Squad participants will be guided through fundamental movement skills, balanced with the fun of learning through play. Coaches take participants through challenges such as springing, landing, rotation, balancing, holds, swinging and object management.

With a focus on developing the whole child, participants in BOUNCE squad will also develop social skills such as working with and encouraging others, listening to instructions, asking for help and sharing. Emotional skills taught include articulating and regulating feelings, understanding how behavior affects others, managing fear and frustration and learning how to take safe risks.


● The program is for ages 4-6 year olds
● Classes have a maximum of 6 children per coach
● The Program costs AED 1000, charged as a term program

Participant Benefits

● Participants receive a welcome pack once per year containing a Freestyle Academy T-Shirt and Bag, and a Journey Map to track your progress
● Participants also receive 1 complimentary hour of General Access per week Monday – Thursday (during the term) Excluding Public Holidays