Freestyle Festival


Our Freestyle Festival is back and we’ve got more prizes and games for you all December!

Collect Festival tickets throughout the month and exchange them for exciting prizes from your favorite toy brands!

HERE’s HOW YOU CAN WIN TICKETs TO exchange for prizes!


Get an even better deal when you buy our 2 Hour Freestyle Super Pass!

Play our festival games!

Each venue will have games going throughout the day with tickets up for grabs!

fuel up at the bounce cafe

Get tickets with your snacks and drinks at the BOUNCE Cafe!

Something special for our miniBOUNCErs

We’ve got special prizes for our youngest jumpers to choose from!
Come play with us!

Terms and COnditions

  • The “Freestyle Festival” promotion is valid from 1st December 2023 to 1st January 2024. Customers with acquired “tickets” must claim their prize by venue closing on 1st January 2024 – No prizes may be claimed after this date
  • The customer will receive “Prize Tickets” through purchases of any Entry Ticket (excluding Birthday Parties, groups and schools and corporate events), Food, Beverages or merchandise at participating outlets and through winning and/or playing “Freestyle Festival” games in participating venues (at the discretion of the BOUNCE Hosts).
  • The customer shall hand over the “Prize Tickets” at the point of redemption for any “Prize”. Prizes can be redeemed any participating venue in the UAE
  • The customer may be requested, upon their written consent, to participate in photography and/or videography in both print and digital for “winner” announcements.
  • Freestyle Festival Prize Tickets have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for other products or returned. Lost tickets will not be compensated – they should be treated as cash.