Trampolines for kids in dubai


IMPORTANT NOTE: ​​this program is no longer available until further notice.

Just because you don’t go to school yet doesn’t mean you can’t develop the skills to join the Free Jumping Revolution. A structured program for Junior Jumpers aged between three and five, miniBOUNCE is designed to get kids bouncing safely while having heaps of fun. It offers the best and the safest trampolines for kids in Dubai!

miniBOUNCE Program

The program involves a series of fun games, activities and exercises just for kids. With limited ‘big bouncing’ activities, the toddlers’ program focuses on basic movement and control on trampolines, allowing children to improve cognitive functioning and motor skills, whilst improving strength, balance and agility. When the time comes to tackle the big trampolines alone, the young children will understand safe jump practices. Our miniBOUNCE hosts have been hand-picked for this program because they’re highly qualified, they genuinely love working with kids, and they deliver an exceptional experience that equips small jumpers with the skills to stay safe as they work towards the higher-flying trampolines.


Trampolines for kids in dubai

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